Contact To make an appointment, ring me on my confidential line.
The Counselling Room t:  07903 100 887 e: Skype 01223 969 011
The Counselling Room
Made by Mari with you in mind
You   can   reach   me   by   phone   or   email.   I   realise   that   this   initial   contact   can   be   daunting   and   difficult   to   make   and   you   may   have   been thinking about it for some time. My telephone number is a direct line to me and is only answered by me. It   may   be   that,   having   made   the   initial   phone   call,   I   am   engaged   with   a   Client   and   unable   to   come   to   the   phone.   Rest   assured   that   my telephone   line   is   only   accessed   by   me,   so   you   may   leave   a   message   in   complete   confidence   that   no   one   else   will   hear.   Please   leave   your name   (first   name   only   will   be   OK),   phone   number   and   a   convenient   time   when   I   may   ring   you   back.   When   I   do   call   back,   I   will   only   say that I am “Mari” and will not disclose that I am a counsellor. Also, my email address is also only accessed by myself      As   a   sole   practitioner,   not   working   as   part   of   a   team,   I   can   offer   you   the   confidence   of   complete   confidentiality.   Any   Client   information that I hold is kept securely in a locked cabinet. I   can   offer   face   to   face   counselling,   counselling   via   Skype   webcam,   by   email   or   by   telephone.      I   can   also   offer   supervision   to   those   in   the helping professions.